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Jennifer Tewell has a long history of taking huge fundraising projects and breaking them into manageable pieces. Her “make it happen” work style has earned her praise and accolades from numerous nationally recognized non-profit organizations. She is well known for her passion and dedication to helping individuals and groups achieve their missions through fundraising and community involvement.

“I found out that my lifework is to MOVE GOOD FORWARD…”

In 2004, Jennifer was surprised when her then husband Drew, volunteered her to plan an event fundraiser for his boss. At the time, she was working a full time job and carrying a full course load in college. Needless to say she, didn’t exactly have time to plan a fundraiser. Though she was more than slightly annoyed with her husband, she still did not want him to fall out of good graces with his boss. She rolled up her sleeves and jumped in…


…and the results were AMAZING.


The same fundraising event that had lost money in the past, under Jennifer’s direction was a great success. All of the proceeds raised went to an agency for at-risk youth programs…and Jennifer was hooked.


She realized then that she had the potential to impact a LOT of people. She says, “This experience opened up a whole new world for me and I found what I was meant to do. My lifework is MOVING GOOD FORWARD.”

“You should work for NASA because you are the Queen of launching!” – TMG

Since that time Jennifer took on additional events and campaigns, learning more and more as she went along. In her first year, with no prior training or experience, she raised over $50,000. Since then she has raised over half a million dollars and worked with organizations and solopreneurs of all kinds with notable missions of ending poverty, aging in place, serving disadvantaged populations, mental health access, advocacy, and more.


Jennifer has worked on substantial projects including helping to Change Legislation and Restore 100 Million Dollars to the State Budget. She has also been an integral part of various projects, statewide conferences, membership initiatives, and event fundraisers.

“Creative action and forward thinking – your genius in action…” – Suzanne Roberts, Women Generating

While Jennifer has earned great success over the years, her greatest accomplishment is being able to help other organizations achieve their own success. If you are living your mission and want to take things to the next level – then she can help. According to Jennifer, “No matter what you want to do, whether it’s a fundraiser, increasing membership, engaging your community, or launching a new program – I want to help. My passion is sharing my knowledge, experience, ideas, and vision with you to help you realize your goals. I will dig in and get dirty with you to achieve success – you don’t have to go at it alone any longer.”


Jennifer and her vision are helping small and large organizations nationwide. She is also thrilled to announce her partnership not only with other talented consultants, Unifying Solutions and Ideaist Designs. She works with a dynamic team throughout the US and Europe.


“Jennifer Tewell is one of the most conscientious and professional people I know. She has an outstanding work ethic, is thorough, always willing to help, and is innovative. The services that Jennifer and her consulting firm offer will enhance any organization.” – Jeannette Jarrett, Columbus Urban League


When you are ready to take your own mission to the next level, Jennifer Tewell is the partner you want at your side. Contact her today on…Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest


I help mission-driven nonprofits and solopreneurs, like YOU, take giant leaps to reach more people to move their mission forward.


MOVING GOOD FORWARD! To provide nonprofit organizations and solopreneurs the resources they need to be successful and sustainable.


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