Jennifer Tewell, Principal

I am passionate about organizations and businesses who are living their mission while impacting their communities. With over fourteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector I have been instrumental in generating millions of dollars for groups, through event fundraising, advocacy and membership initiatives. I possess the keen ability to break huge projects into manageable pieces and execute, with my “make it happen” work style. Providing cost effective solutions, I use my expertise to streamline processes – especially communications and technology. I created and executed an extensive online grassroots advocacy campaign that mobilized 15 socioeconomically diverse agencies statewide. (Download case study) The effort resulted in a change in state law and restoring 100 million dollars to the state budget for aging services. I hold a Master of Social Work degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communications, an Associate of Arts degree, and I am also a Certified Trainer in several social service based curricula. I have a very spirited and funny son who adores football, singing and the ipad.

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I help mission-driven nonprofits and small businesses, like YOU, take giant leaps to reach more people to move their mission forward.


MOVING GOOD FORWARD! To provide nonprofit organizations and small businesses the resources they need to be successful and sustainable.


  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Authenticity

Rave Reviews

“Jennifer Tewell is one of the most conscientious and professional people I know. She has an outstanding work ethic, is thorough, always willing to help, and is innovative. The services that Jennifer and her consulting firm offer will enhance any organization.”

“Creative action and forward thinking – your genius in action…I looked at the catalog and it’s f*&%ing awesome, oops sorry for my language!”

“There aren’t words to thank you and your team for what you’ve done to pull this all together – it wouldn’t have happened if not for your involvement…”

“…very competent and skilled communications professional who is always willing to learn new skills. JTC has overseen an intense advocacy drive with a web-based grassroots tool. They successfully negotiated timing and practices among various vendors as well as coordinated with a statewide advocacy network, keeping everyone informed and motivated. It is a pleasure to work with JTC.”

“…extremely professional and knowledgeable in the field of communications including online tools. I have found them to be accessible and very easy to work with…writing skills are excellent!”

“Before I hired Jennifer to brand my business and re-design my website, I was stuck. I knew that these projects were important to move my business forward but I didn’t even know where to begin; I was anxious and overwhelmed. I knew that if I didn’t get help, I would not be able to reach my clients and help them transform their lives. The MINUTE I signed the contract with Jennifer, my life changed. Jennifer doesn’t just move good forward, she lights a fire under it! I was amazed at her ability to take what I gave her, translate it into what needed to be done and make it happen. The branding and website were both developed exceeding my expectations and delivered on time!! I was so impressed that I have signed a contract for her to support me and my business for the rest of the year. I’d recommend her to any business owner who wants to take things to the next level, and who doesn’t want that? HIRE HER. NOW. You can thank me later.”

“Overall this [Infrastructure Audit] was a great experience for me.  I feel like so much was accomplished, both in terms of understanding what tools are available to me and in actually getting things done.  I would recommend it for anyone who wants to make the best use of the tools that are available to get their business activities streamlined and consolidated…Overall I think it was really helpful in moving me forward in my business.  I am truly grateful to both of you.”