7K0A0664Seth Godin’s blog today talks about blogging on how a client is using your services…so that is what I’m going to share today.

At the end of 2011 as we prepared 2012 contracts we wanted to switch our business model from hourly to outcomes. Additionally, the fabulous Melissa Lathan had just joined the team and freed up some of my time. With that time I researched and tested and planned – I assessed current processes for our on-going clients and asked – what can we do better, faster. The most obvious time-consuming task stuck out as event registrations. All of our clients were still using paper registrations, that had to be entered into a database.

So we decided to offer online registration in 2012 and it turned out to be a great success! Our first big event with the new system had around 350 individuals throughtout the state. We set up the form which allowed for credit card payments through paypal (a first) and ability to register multiple attendees at one time – additionally each time someone registered they received an automated confirmation. The new system ran smoothly and our client was very happy to have the freed up time from not having to enter and adjust 350 registrations. The onlie registration also allowed for participants to specify a differ payer if their employee was going to cover it.

To recap:

  • We set up online registration for a big spring event
  • Offered specialized payment options to the grope
  • Automated the confirmation and invoice process
  • Set up a google document so the client could access the registration list at any time
  • ALL of this = $$$ SAVED and time freed up

Do you use online registration?

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rosieJTC is in search of one or two amazing individuals to join our team for a 6-12 month unpaid internship.  Here’s what we’re looking for.

And here’s a list of things we encourage at JTC from one of our favorite gurus, Seth Godin:

How to Succeed (blog post 6/11/12)

Interested? Email your resume with cover-letter to info@jennifertewell.com.


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Online_form_snapshotThis is a NEW venture for us – but so far we’ve experienced very happy clients who are saving a ton of time with online registration.  We tested several programs, talked to clients and did a bit of research.

We have finally settled on a system that meets our clients needs and works with our plan to help make online registration EASY for you!

So we’ve put together a JTC comparison chart of some pretty common online registration systems, a few things to think about:

  • If you host small and low cost events, a pay per registrant system (like reg. online) may make sense
  • Pay per registrant systems sound good – but if you do the math (which you ALWAYS should!) you need to make sure you aren’t losing money or being penalized for having a large or high reg. fee event
  • When weighing the options to move to online registration – consider the amount of staff time, effort, and cost you are already utilizing – then take an honest look to see if your organization could benefit for automating the process. Also, know it’s a process to transfer your group to online registration, though most people are using the internet in this way already (online shopping, facebook etc.)

We are excited to offer this new flat rate option (ONLY $150.00 per event) and you DON’T have to be a contractual client to utilize our online registration option – have an upcoming event – we can help!

JTC Online Registration includes:

  • NO set up fee
  • Flat rate pricing whether you have 25 attendees or 500 attendees
  • Online Registration form includes customized form set-up and testing; auto-invoice/confirmation to registrant(s); auto-notification to host (if desired); various payment options (check/paypal/google checkout/invoice or purchase order/discount code); 24/7 access to your registrant list through google docs link
  • Hosting multiple events over a six month or longer period? You are eligible for a discount – contact us today!

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