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The obvious vs. reality

What needs to happen to raise money and revenue while fulfilling your mission is obvious right? Connect with more people, increase revenue goals, secure new funding, up attendance and sponsors – but here you are head down focusing on whatever comes your way and stressed out about how to make the obvious, a reality.


This is the exact point at which I meet my most of my clients – they are frustrated and know it shouldn’t be this hard. You are doing your lifework – you are helping people and changing lives every day but then you go to review the venue contract and can’t even get past the second page because it’s so hard to navigate. Or you are a brilliant connector who inspires and empowers but cannot figure out technology to save your life.


Here you are, bright, big-hearted, wanting to keep your organization running well and growing, but needing help to see the logistics, and communications, and what needs to happen so you are freed up to focus on what you do best.

What you need to make the obvious a reality

This is a not a situation where you hire a VA or an assistant — you actually need someone who can be strategic and figure out what needs to be done — so you have less to worry about — and you don’t need a coach, as much as someone who can both help you develop new skills, but also take the reins as well.


What I do is see things with fresh eyes, sorting through all of the thoughts/clutter so I can see what the top priorities are – then breaking it down further into actionable steps.


The what and how…

Tuning into your story

I will learn what the heart work you are doing is. What good are you moving forward? This is the part where the client does a literal complete dump of the good bad and ugly of their work. You share the reason you do what you and often you dish on all of the things (big and small) that drive you nuts.


Let it all out

The cathartic dump most importantly tells me your story and how clear you are on exactly what it is you are doing. It gives me a gauge on your passion and purpose – what your key motivators are. Finally, it gives me the highs and lows of what is working and what isn’t.


Moving the cart back behind the horse

Here we will look at…

  • Communications – message clarification and online presence. What is your message vs. what people hear.
  • Expansion – we tweak, revive and renovate sustainability – what can we make bigger and better? What are you doing that is sustainable long-term?

Prioritizing based on current resources and the things that are repeatedly shared during the soul dump. Specifically breaking the top DOABLE action steps that will 1) make the client feel accomplishment 2) get the momentum going. The key of this step is wading through all of the important pieces (and they are) to find the biggest power packed punch in a reasonably small amount of time.


Pulling out the essential

The prioritizing allows you to feel like you are organized and have a plan. That it’s a lot more doable than when we first talked and that upon completion the essential feeling of accomplishment and momentum to handle the next steps.


The unveiling – with deadlines

Creating the timeline and benchmark for each of the top priorities. The timeline has specific dates and benchmarks high/low goals – very specific and all measurable – able to be “checked-off” the list by the client.

This sets clear expectations for the client on what to expect, the pace we will be going at and prepare them to start putting together what they need for the action steps in order – again in a very doable plan.


The ultimate prize – doing the obvious AND GETTING RESULTS

Review, share and repeat in the client’s language what the process will be with the final outcomes as the primary focus. This is showing the client the big picture first and then taking the top priorities and in high level terms reviewing the plan.

Reviewing and repeating makes you feel more comfortable with the swift action that will follow as well as get them comfortable and looking at the bigger picture versus just being “in” and doing the work – it reframes things and sets the stage for success.

Ready, set, GO!

So often we wear 20 different hats and have more responsibility than any one person should. It can be quite overwhelming and lonely. The Framework Analysis provide clarity, tools that work and support to get things rolling in the right direction.


“I feel like so much was accomplished, both in terms of understanding what tools are available to me and in actually getting things done.  I would recommend it for anyone who wants to make the best use of the tools that are available to get their business activities streamlined and consolidated…”  – Julie, Small Business Owner

What exactly does the analysis include?

The process start to finish takes approximately 1 month.

  • 30 minute intro and logistics call // Schedule all sessions – Review process
  • 90 minute cathartic dump and brainstorming session // You’ll receive some prompts to consider for the session a couple of days before – We’ll jump right in and you’ll tell me everything about your business – what you love and hate, what is going right and what isn’t, where you’d like to be vs. where you are – your current resources, team and plan – You’ll do most of the talking and I’ll be listening
  • Written recommendations report // You’ll receive this a few days before our final session and it will include notes – ideas, recommendations and an action plan
  • 45 minute final recommendations session and next steps // We will go over the recommendations and immediate next steps

Why it works

  • When you are in the middle of your organization/program or business – it is uncommon to have fresh eyes on your process.
  • There is a lot of free and affordable tools that can make your life easier – this gives you a lot to work with
  • We narrow things down to a top few priorities and then provide a plan to execute immediately – when you’ve been stuck for awhile (or even a short amount of time) accomplishing even the smallest thing can propel you forward.

How I came up with process

So since I started in 2004, in every single project I’ve taken on – every client I’ve worked with and my own business, I have constantly searched, found and tested resources/tools/processes to make the “stuff” of running an organization/business work WELL and more efficiently. Over the years I have found many EASY solutions people can implement that truly make their lives easier. And that is what I want to do for you…


Total Value of the analysis $1,250.00

Your investment for the analysis


Let’s Do This!