Here is a quick guide on how to embed a video on your WordPress site…

  1. Locate the share options on the video you want to share…it will look like this on YouTube:


  2. If the video owner has allowed sharing you will see various options under share including – EMBED. Copy the code snippet (ctrl+c) and navigate to the post or page where you want to embed the video.
  3. In wordpress on all pages/posts you will see a “visual” and “text” tabs to the right – to embed you must click the text tab. Video_Embed4
  4. Then paste (ctrl+v) your code snippet you just copied in the “TEXT” tab where you want the video to show up.
  5. If you’ve successfully pasted the video code you should see something like this when you click back to “VISUAL”:Video_Embed5
  6. Click PUBLISH or UPDATE and that is how you do embed a video on your wordpress site.

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