What clients are saying…

  • “Before I hired Jennifer to brand my business and re-design my website, I was stuck. I knew that these projects were important to move my business forward but I didn’t even know where to begin; I was anxious and overwhelmed. I knew that if I didn’t get help, I would not be able to reach my clients and help them transform their lives. The MINUTE I signed the contract with Jennifer, my life changed. Jennifer doesn’t just move good forward, she lights a fire under it! I was amazed at her ability to take what I gave her, translate it into what needed to be done and make it happen. The branding and website were both developed exceeding my expectations and delivered on time!! I was so impressed that I have signed a contract for her to support me and my business for the rest of the year. I’d recommend her to any business owner who wants to take things to the next level, and who doesn’t want that? HIRE HER. NOW. You can thank me later.” – Melissa Muguruza, Holistic Muse
  • “Overall this [Infrastructure Audit] was a great experience for me.  I feel like so much was accomplished, both in terms of understanding what tools are available to me and in actually getting things done.  I would recommend it for anyone who wants to make the best use of the tools that are available to get their business activities streamlined and consolidated…Overall I think it was really helpful in moving me forward in my business.  I am truly grateful to both of you.” – Julie, Our Sacred Pause
  • “Just wanted to let you both know that “IT WAS FABULOUS”!!!!!   You all did such a great job…many have commented on how great it was and the best they have had in years.” – HelpLine Annual Meeting 2012
  • “Jennifer Tewell is one of the most conscientious and professional people I know. She has an outstanding work ethic, is thorough, always willing to help, and is innovative. The services that Jennifer and her consulting firm offer will enhance any organization.” – Jeannette Jarrett, Columbus Urban League
  • “You should work for NASA because you are the Queen of launching!” – TMG
  • “I looked at the catalog and it’s f*&%ing awesome, oops sorry for my language!” – Unifying Solutions
  • “Your praises were sung at the all staff meeting today, for bringing us into this century :).” – HelpLine Employee
  • “By the way, I love, love, love your online registration!!!! I think it makes making travel and training arrangements easier for me.” – AAA Training Coordinator
  • “There aren’t words to thank you and your team for what you’ve done to pull this all together – it wouldn’t have happened if not for your involvement…” – Julie Graber, Institute on Women
  • “Creative action and forward thinking – your genius in action…” – Suzanne Roberts, Women Generating
  • “What a delight you are! You are fabulous to work with…Thank you for everything!” – Robin Rose, o4a Conference Keynote
  • “The conference was so good again this year. I wouldn’t expect anything less with how professionally you prepare and carry out each facet.” – Darlene Kemp, o4a Conference Exhibitor
  • “…very competent and skilled communications professional who is always willing to learn new skills. JTC has overseen an intense advocacy drive with a web-based grassroots tool. They successfully negotiated timing and practices among various vendors as well as coordinated with a statewide advocacy network, keeping everyone informed and motivated. It is a pleasure to work with JTC.” – Larke Recchie, o4a Executive Director
  • “…extremely professional and knowledgeable in the field of communications including online tools. I have found them to be accessible and very easy to work with…writing skills are excellent!” – Sue Hanson, HelpLine of Delaware & Morrow Counties, Inc.
  • “The ideas she has brought to the planning process have been creative and innovative.  The outcome evaluations of our programs always rate at the top of the scale for quality of service.  The qualities that I most admire about her is her ability to look at the big picture, come up with creative solutions and ideas and then use her attention to detail to make things happen.” -Ruth Reeve, Colleague/Advocate
  • “…performed all duties and responsibilities of both positions in a professional and prudent manner. She completed all reports accurately and on time. She interacted with agency board of directors and staff in an effective and productive manner.  She is a dependable, reliable and productive employee.” – Jim Peterson, Northwest Community Center
  • “Jennifer and I worked on a fundraising project together…I directed the piece and Jennifer was on the committee that mounted the staged reading production. I really enjoyed working with Jennifer; not only was Jennifer personable, she was incredibly organized, detail oriented and completely trustworthy. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in a heart beat!” – Melissa Muguruza Weaver, LMT