2013-08-12_1721Get ready, it’s coming fast…

All Facebook pages will automatically have the timeline format on March 30, 2012! While timeline is exciting for most, many of us cringe at the idea of re-learning how to use our own Facebook pages. But have no fear, we have created a guide to the new timeline so your transition is as easy as possible.

Our current Facebook timeline page will give you an idea of how your page will look once it is updated to timeline. The most eye-catching part of timeline of course, is the huge cover photo at the top of the page. Cover photos are a great way for organizations to really communicate to visitors what they’re all about. A great cover photo is going to draw visitors to your page, so take this time to show off that creative flair. For a crisp, sharp cover photos, use 851 x 315 pixels.

Keep in mind that cover photos come with some restrictions…for example, you can’t promote purchasing a product, a sale, or have a call to action. Facebook doesn’t want brands to just become giant advertisements.

Managing Your Page

In the top right corner, you’ll see something called “Admin Panel.” This new feature allows you to easily follow activity on your page. You can see posts on your page from fans, an Insights data graph, new Likes, and messages.

Under “Manage” in the Admin Panel, you can edit your page. Say, for instance, you don’t like seeing posts from other people on your page. Then in the “Edit Page” section you can uncheck the box that enables everyone to post on your Timeline. Alternatively, you could check the box that allows posts to stay in the “Post Visibility” section until you review them. To individually allow posts, head to your “Activity Log’s” page and click on the circle next to the post.

Page Apps

Directly underneath your cover photo, timeline has replaced your left-side tabs with what they call “apps.” The first page app will always be your photos, you cannot change this. Other apps may include your Likes, videos, events, or a map of your organization’s location. While you can add as many apps as you want, only four are displayed under the cover photo. Apps are another great way to draw in visitors to your page if you use eye-catching thumbnails for your apps. The position of apps can be easily swapped by clicking on the pencil icon.

Highlighting & Pinning Posts

If you have a post that is running a contest, promotion, or you just want it to be the first thing visitors see on your page, then you can pin the post. This keeps the post at the top of your page for the next seven days. To do this, select the pencil icon on the post you want to pin and a drop down menu will give you the option to pin it. Once pinned, the post will display a little orange flag in the corner.

You can also highlight a post if it’s particularly popular or has an amazing photo. Highlighting makes the post the full width of the page. On the post, select the star icon to highlight it.


For particularly historical moments in your page’s life, you can create a special Milestone story. This is found along with the status bar as an icon of an open book, or you can simply hover over the timeline down the center until you see a plus symbol. Once selected, a menu of different options can be chosen to categorize what type of milestone you are creating. Photos for milestones display 843 x 403 pixels and the earliest date that can be chosen is Jan. 1, 1000.

Once you’ve tried out timeline for yourself, let us know what you think!

By: Chau-Sa Dang, Communications Assistant, JTC