QR codes and how they can benefit your non-profit organization
By Chau-Sa Dang, Communications Assistant, JTC

They have been rapidly cropping up everywhere-from ads to commercials, magazines to billboards, the things you can slap a QR code on are endless. Chances are you probably saw these black and white square barcodes at some point this year, as companies are quickly taking advantage of this cost effective way to generate buzz and drive clients to their website.That’s great and all, but how do you exactly use these little squares? As long as your smartphone has a camera, download a simple and free app, such as Google Goggles or any barcode scanning app, which will immediately recognize the QR (quick response) code and will open whatever it’s encoded with. QR codes can range from a website, a Facebook like, phone number, videos, or coupons. A creative trend for QR codes is to place it on your business card, providing a quick and easy way for clients to obtain your information.

QR codes are especially great for non-profits since it is virtually free, but the consumer reach can be unlimited. They can be used as a simple way to draw in potential customers and keep current customers engaged. Graeter’s Ice Cream used QR codes in their Cones for the Cure campaign, raising over $43,000 last year and providing free ice cream to those who scanned the code. The campaign was a massive success, surpassing their fundraising goal of $25,000 while increasing Graeter’s revenue.
So if you’re looking for a money-saving way to expand your client reach while providing your current clients a more engaging experience with your organization, try out a QR code! It’s especially important for organizations to take advantage of them as their usage continues to grow and expand.
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